What’s sneakier than a secret agent and a hotter turn-on than a bare-chested James Bond?

The Stealth Shaft Support, an industry newcomer brand that’s nailing a much-needed niche in the C-ring and ED device market.

Though we admittedly can’t vouch for the universal sex appeal of said womanizing spy, we’re fairly certain the Stealth Shaft Support penis sling will bring the heat for lucky couples everywhere.

Invented by Nanci Smith, a former adult boutique sales associate, the Stealth is so ingenious and yet so delightfully simple that it’s surprising it took this long to be conceived.

Stealth Shaft Support is a wearable, cock cage-type product composed of a smooth, body-safe TPR support sling. It’s built with a so-called “strip” to lift and support his member whether flaccid, semi-erect or fully erect.

“To support the penis, I designed a patent-pending design strip that bends, but never breaks so you can adjust it for comfort,” Smith explains. “The strips stay in and don’t pop out.”

Smith is a woman who clearly knows her penile anatomy. She cleverly placed the support strip on top of the penis, leaving open space for the more sensitive nerve endings on the bottom and allowing for as much skin-to-skin sensation as possible.

Stealth’s TPR body does not roll or shift through even the roughest of play, holding its rigid position without squeezing too tight.

The result is an industry first: a penis sheath that adds only slight girth and provides complete support without obstructing pleasure for either partner.

“As long as the penis head stays inside the top hole, the strips will hold it up for endless pleasure, [and] the consumer is able to be erect in it as well as flaccid,” says Smith.

Stealth Shaft Support is also compatible with condoms, making it a game-changer for a category of men with a totally normal but generally embarrassing problem — staying hard with a rubber on.

The basic Stealth design fits most men reaching 5 to 7 inches in length. The XL version is best for men between 7 to 9 inches, or those with a lot of natural girth. No matter the size, Stealth can be washed and used as often as you’d like a killer erection.

Smith also ensured that not a single penis owner would be left behind.

“The product comes in four colors to blend with as many penises as possible because erectile dysfunction doesn’t discriminate,” says Smith.

Unsurprisingly, Nanci Smith first envisioned the concept behind the Stealth Shaft Support while on shift as a sex toy sales associate.

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