If you’re breathing, you’ve likely seen an ad for one of the many pills that treats erectile dysfunction. Cialis, Viagra, Levitra…the names alone may conjure images of smiling FOFs, walking hand-in-hand on the beach, or–oddly–sitting side-by-side in bathtubs in the middle of a field.

But what if pills alone are not enough to conquer your man’s issues with impotence? You may want to try a sex toy, according to Dr. Michael Werner, MD, a urologist and specialist in sexual dysfunction in Westchester, New York. “Well, we would actually call them . . . devices,” adds Dr. Werner, who typically prescribes gadgets such as penis pumps and rings in conjunction with pills, injections or other medical ED treatments. “Unfortunately, a lot of men don’t know that there are options beyond Viagra,” he explains. “They will try pills prescribed by their general doctors and when those don’t work, they throw in the towel.”

Erectile dysfunction–which is defined as the inability to achieve and sustain an erection–affects 30 million men in the United States, but, according to Dr. Werner, it is largely a treatable condition. And sex toys–or “devices”–can be a vital part of that treatment. “Besides helping men get erections that are good enough for penetration and ejaculation, these devices also can make their sex lives better and more interesting.”
Here, his top toys for helping your man overcome ED.

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